6 Free WordPress Frameworks

With more than 72 million users worldwide, producing 500,000 new posts a day resulting in over 356 million pageviews per month, it’s really naive to consider WordPress just a blogging platform.
Credit goes to, round the year active community, contributing to WordPress’s advance development via new updates, plug-in, themes and widgets, etc. WordPress is an easy to use, maintain, update and completely customizable website software.
Big names relying on WordPress include Ramada, Ford, eBay, Yahoo, etc, seing these sites gives a clear idea, how much customizable WordPress is.
With advent of theme framework, now is not a big deal to design a custom WordPress site/theme. A WordPress framework is basically a starter theme, which can serve as a parent theme for building custom child themes. Use of WordPress framework may help you save time plus lot of core coding, as child themes use most of their PHP and JS files from the parent theme.
Below I have listed few good free WordPress Frameworks:
1.Simon WP Framework

Simon WP Framework is a dynamic framework by Simon Web Design. Blueprint typography framework, 2 column, featured post and 960.gs grid are among the main features.



Roots is a starter theme developed by Ben Word. It is based on HTML5 Biolerplate. Ideal for developers with high design demands.


3.Thematic Framework

Thematic is a widely used free WordPress framework developed by Ian Stewart of themeshaper (Automattic). The biggest plus about Thematic is, it’s open source so, have strong child theme community.

Main features are, widget read, comes with sample child theme, more than one layout to choose from, and a good support network.


4.Buffet Framework

The Buffet frameowrk is a basic framework developed b Melvin Lee – A web developer in Singapore.
Buffet framework is ideal for both, normal end users and developers. It’s customizable via use of child theme. Main features include, search engine optimized, number of features are jQuery powered and minimilistic.


5.Whiteboard Framework

Whiteboard is minimalistic WordPress framework by Bold Perspective (a web design firm in San Antonio Texas) good to use for any kind of website.
Mobile freindly, HTML 5, code is well commented, have dymanic classes and IDs (super helpful for further development/customoization).
P.S. Ideal for web designer with HTML and CSS knowledge.



It is based on HTML5 and CSS3, developed by Themble. Available as in three version i.e. Classic Version for WordPress, Responsive Version for WordPress and HTML Version for projects.
Themble has moved one real step forward by making Bones (http://themble.com/genesis/bones/) available for Genesis Framework users.

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